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About Us

The roots of education may be bitter but not the fruit. The National Education And Research Foundation is a non-profit organisation that brings together the art and science of photography through education, research, seminars, campaigns, tours, public and residential programs. The present society demands education as the top most need. The National Education And Research Foundation which is an NGO trust emphasizes on the overall development of an individual. The foundation relies on providing the best knowledge and training lessons to the deserving community. Mr. Abin Alex, the chairman of NEARF had only one motive and that was to build up a multi-talented and self-dependant community. It is a digital world where we are striving right now. The concept of NEAR Foundation is to create a group of people with the best access to a wider range of career opportunities.

The NEAR Foundation is a self-working trust that gives prior importance in educating the financially backward and illiterates and thus leading them with a ray of hope. The foundation helps candidates irrespective of their academic backgrounds. Mr. Abin Alex has been pursuing his career in the field of photography for past few decades. As the result of several years of studies and research, he had no further doubt in choosing photography as the best medium for skill development. He was very confident about the impact as well as the scope of photography in the mere future.

The first steptowards his goal was the establishment of Creative Hut Institute of Photography under the management of NEAR Foundation charitable trust. Creative Hut Institute gave focus on raising up a generation with more career options in their professional life. Through scholarships the trust also supports the deserving students enrolled with the programs of the institute. Creative Hut is India’s first and only institute based on traditional gurukulam system of education in visual media. This charitable photography organisation is a landmark in the history of photography.

Meet Our Team

The motto of the foundation is “If you are so passionate about your dream, we will craft your dream come true.”

  • Mr. Abin Alex

    Mr. Abin Alex


    Well known Photomentor known for his teaching skills. He had been researching and studying in the field of photography for the past several years now.

  • Mrs. Rosamma Alex

    Mrs. Rosamma Alex


    A person who gives lot of values for human ethics. She had been a local guardian for all the residential students. Widely praised for her kind and helpful behaviour.

  • Mrs. Jasmin Alex

    Mrs. Jasmin Alex


    Hard work meets success and that is what she believes in. Her dedicated and professional presence in the foundation is an example for many.

  • Mr. Elango V

    Mr. Elango V

    Executive Member

    Kind, helpful, supportive, inspiring and a lot more loving by nature makes him stand out from the rest of the team.