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Photography as an art

Photography is one sector that is gaining much and more popularity as each day goes by. It is a kind of modern art by which you can express emotions and feelings in a more preferable manner. As the world is technologically advancing the need for professional photographers is also on the hype. We all may know how to capture a photograph but only a few among us knows how to do it in the right way. The only solution to this is to have more number of professionals in the field. Photography is not merely a method to preserve memories. The career scope involved in this field is far more than imagination. In spite of the growing trend of photography lack of awareness still exists among some societies and places. The NEAR Foundation mainly an educational trust remains unwavering in its commitment towards the society to support photography both at the academic and professional levels. In this way the hidden talents behind the stage will be brought out to the limelight.


The NEAR Foundation supports and conducts a wide range of research concerning the history, theory and the aesthetics of photography.We prefer to believe that images are the most powerful tools to convey issues and ideas in the current scenario. Severalresearch programmes are carried out in collaboration with both government and non-government organisations. The objectives of the foundation are many and most important among them is to preserve the rich history of photography and spread awareness among the generations to come. Another one of top priority is to promote photography as an art and open the scope of research for students, photographers, art lovers and a wider audience.

The World’s first photography calendar was introduced on 5th February 2014. It is completely based on the history of photography and its timeline. The concept, research and the completion of the project was carried out by an eight-member team of Creative hut. In the very same year Creative hut made yet another history by launching the World’s first and the biggest photography wheel on 20th September 2014. The objective was to spread awareness about photography in the modern era. An enthusiastic team of fourteen-members comprising both the students and faculty worked behind this feat. On 2nd October 2014 Creative hut announced the “Fox Paxixete” as the world's first and the biggest photography game. A fourteen-member group worked behind this project with the aim of promoting photography.

A unique collection of photography books covering all the topics from history, fundamentals, legendary photographers etc. is the highlight of the library. The library is open to anyone who has a taste in photography.

When it comes to the publication category the most notable work is the Photomentor magazine available in both electronic and print media. It is the first of its kind exclusively dedicated to the art of photography.

Photography study tours are conducted every once in a while. This gives the students with perfect a chance to know about the different culture and traditions that exists around them.

This particular educational development trust works for the overall well-being of a person. The trust paves its way so that the future generations can move forward without any fear or confusion. The trust relies on all possible ways to promote the art of photography among the common public. We

  • Offer the students with an ancient traditional way of education.
  • Help them explore their inbuilt skills and creativity.
  • Provide them with in-depth knowledge about media and communication in their technical and practical aspects.
  • Build up self-dependant individuals and professionals.
  • Make the students know about their life values and ethics.
  • Teach them the essence of self-respect and motivation.
  • Make them learn about their surrounding nature and its components.
  • Shape our students into social well beings.